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          Ever wondered what life would be like if men had babies?

          Ed, played by Stephen Mangan, is on a NHS maternity ward, already induced, waiting for a caesarean and the imminent birth of his daughter. With his high-flying executive wife at his side doing her best to remain sympathetic and patient, we follow Ed through the agony, the tears, the humiliation, the anxiety and the ecstasy of labour.

          Birthday is written by Joe Penhall - adapted from his sell-out 2012 Royal Court play - and directed by the award-winning Roger Michell

          Birthday comes to Sky Arts later this year.

          Birthday image

          Goldcrest's Involvement

          Final colour grade by Adam Glasman, conform and online editorial by Daniel Tomlinson

          Cast and crew

          Roger Michell

          Joe Penhall

          Stephen Mangan and Anna Maxwell Martin


          Genre: Drama

          Runtime: 60 minutes

          Year of production: 2015


          Currently Selling